WELCOME TO LIBERTY BATTERIES!!  Our company has been selling quality lithium battery solutions for over 10 years.  We were one of the first companies to see the advantages of Lithium over lead acid technology. Along with competitve pricing we also pride ourselves in exceptional customer service!  We are able to offer unbeatable pricing due to low overheads which enable us to pass our savings onto our customers.

Our golf batteries are compatible with ALL make and models of golf trolley making it an easy 'drop in' replacement to your old lead acid battery!
Liberty Batteries™ Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFeP04 Battery Packs are engineered to be safe and incorporate a Battery Management system (BMS) that matches charge output to battery input, it monitors and controls current levels and alows peak loads to be safely managed, ultimately leading to longer life for your golf trolley battery.

They contain no poisonous lead, no acid and do not create gasses during recharge that traditional lead acid batteries do. 

Compared to lead acid, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are extremely light, have a much lower self discharge, do not sulfate and are environmentally friendly.

Lower costs for materials, machinery and labour to manufacture the rechargeable batteries lead to better affordability. 

Consumers should remember, however, that "total cost of ownership" is most important. 

For batteries, this means considering the cost for the initial purchase, plus the replacement costs over the life of the product, the Liberty battery cycle life will outperform a lead acid battery many times over, so will require replacing much less frequently, reducing down time and more importantly cost.

We can supply any size of battery that you require, just contact us for a quote.

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