Liberty Batteries Frequently Asked Questions

. Are Liberty Batteries available outside of the UK?
A. Liberty batteries are widely available from several specialist distributors, please contact us for further information.

Q. Are Liberty Batteries compatible with standard lead acid chargers?
A. Liberty batteries must only be charged using the charger supplied with the the Liberty battery. It is not possible to charge the battery properly using any other charger.

Q. Are Liberty Batteries lithium dangerous?
A. No! Liberty batteries are made from LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) which is the safest type of lithium rechargeable battery.

Q. How to connect to my golf trolley
A. Liberty batteries are designed for use on a wide-range of electric trolleys using various connection types. We offer an Anderson/Torberry cable as an option, just select it before check out.

Q. How long will my Liberty Batteries battery last?
A. lifetime of the battery depends on several factors, including the weight of golf bag, course type, trolley age and type. Our experience tells us that the Liberty Battery will last around 5-6 years if properly looked after in accordance with the instructions.

Q. How long does a charge take?
A. Approximately 4-5 hours depending on state of charge of the battery using the specially developed Liberty Batteries charger.

Q. How should I store it, for example over the winter?
A. Your Liberty battery should be stored around 70% of its capacity for extended periods, then fully recharged prior to use.

Q. What if I would like to use a traditional lead acid battery?
A. No problem, just connect a traditional lead acid battery to your trolley.

Q. Should I recharge even if I have not completed a full round?
A. Absolutely, this will shorten the recharge time and ensure your ready for another round.

Q. How do I maximise the lifespan of my liberty battery?
A. Recharge the battery fully after each use and this will greatly extend its life.

Q. How should i discpose of my Liberty lithium battery at end of life?
A. Local authorities offer battery recycling collection points which is the best way of disposing of batteries at end of life.

Q. Is there any maintenance required for my Liberty battery?
A. Ensure the battery is regularly charged, no need to top up or worry about leaking electrolyte.

Q. Which trolleys are suited for use with my liberty battery?
A. The liberty Battery is suitable with all 12 volt trolley types.

Q. What size should i purchase?
A. We offer 18/27 and 36 hole models suitable for use with single motored trolleys. If you play every day we would reccomend the 36 hole model.

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