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The Liberty Professional S7 smart charger is designed for recharging and maintaining a variety of Lead Acid batteries - MF, WET, GEL, AGM and Calcium, including demanding AGM batteries like OPTIMA and ODYSSEY types, with capacities ranging from 12V/14Ah to12V/ 230Ah. (Calcium battery types ranging from 25Ah to 100Ah)

  • 7 Stage (7 amp output) Automatic charging control Fit and Forget
  • Charge lead acid, GEL & AGM batteries, including the latest advanced Start/Stop types
  • Desulfation mode, disolves large lead sulphate crystals to restore performance
  • Multi-stage & maintenance charging, extending lifespan
  • This Liberty Professional charger also automatically diagnoses and activates a rescue function where necessary, for severely discharged batteries
  • SUPPLY mode is useful for example, when changing the battery,to avoid losing vehicle settings
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Overheat protection
  • The Liberty Professional charger is also dust and splash proof (IP65) so can be used outdoors
  • Charges 2x faster than conventional linear chargers - 90% efficiency level means less wasted electricity - uses half the electricity compared with traditional chargers 
The LB-7.0 
Restores batteries to their original capacity / recovers slightly sulfated batteries / charges batteries in cold climates / rescues and recovers heavily drained batteries and provides maintenance charging to increase battery life.

 All Liberty Professional battery chargers feature micro processer technology to control the entire charging process by electronically monitoring the batteries current & voltage and determining what charging rate is required to keep the battery in good working order.

They are designed to extend the service life of batteries and therefore can be left connected to a battery for long periods and will safely hold the charge, eliminating flat batteries and starting problems.

Liberty Professional chargers are suitable for the recovery, charging & maintenance of most starting & deep cycle batteries commonly used in all sorts of vehicles from cars and vans to golf trolleys to ride-on mowers, caravans, boats and commercial vehicle types up to 230Ah.

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